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Joan Smiley

"Herbert O’Driscoll writes that Christian faith is about the material and the spiritual, the physical bread and the spiritual bread. Christian faith must be both reaching for God and be rooted in the world – both praying and serving, both worshipping and working. Christian faith must be true – in a living way, applied to the comings and goings of life."

And it is here, at Northminster, as we worship, witness and work together, that our spiritual hunger is fed (and we well know that we look after the physical hunger on occasion too!)

I continue to visit regularly all those in Retirement and Long Term Care residences as well as those folks who are able to remain in their homes but are not able to get out and about as they once did. It is always an honour for me to share these sacred times. These special folks feed my spiritual hunger so often with their faith stories.

As part of our Seniors Ministry, opportunities to come together for fellowship and the "breaking of bread" are regularly planned.

Keep your eyes on the Bulletin Board outside the church office, as well as notices in the Sunday bulletin for information. If you have not attended one of our Gatherings, please give it some consideration. These folks are warm and welcoming, adventuresome and they do love to eat. Join us, won’t you!

Blessings and Peace on the Journey.

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