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Northminster United Church Baptism Policy


Our Mission:

We, the people of Northminster United Church, seek to be a caring, accessible and inclusive Christian community; a safe place, where people can come and experience the grace of God and the warmth of fellowship, while having opportunities for local and global outreach.





So that we, the community of Northminster United Church, can live out our Mission openly, authentically and faithfully, our policy on the Sacrament of Baptism should be inclusive and welcoming, while still honouring our faith in the Holy and the vows pledged by the community and the baptism candidates if 12 years of age or older, or their parents/guardians if under the age of 12 years.

Northminster’s Baptism Policy:

  1. To allow for time to get to know the community and the individual(s) seeking baptism, at least 4 weeks are required between the request for baptism and the celebration of baptism.
  2. The candidates for baptism, or the candidate and their parents/guardians in the event of a candidate under 12 years of age, will meet with the minister and a member of the Worship Committee (if possible) to go over the baptism liturgy and any questions regarding the process and liturgy. This is an opportunity to get to know one another and become familiar with the liturgy and questions.
  3. All candidates or the parents/guardians of candidates under 12 years of age must answer the questions positively for baptism. In the event that two parents or guardians of a candidate under 12 are participating in the liturgy, one of them must answer all of the questions positively.
  4. The minster and/or the Worship Committee may suggest a mentor/sponsor be appointed for the candidate or the candidate and their parents/guardians.
  5. A baptismal elder will be appointed to participate in the baptismal liturgy along with the minister and will follow up with those participating in the liturgy in 4 to 6 weeks time.
  6. The candidates and the parents/guardians of any candidates under 13 will be asked if the taking of a photograph by the Northminster community and posting it is acceptable. A copy will be provided to the participants. The photographs are strictly voluntary.


Please call the office to make arrangements.

New Members

Want to join our membership or transfer your membership to Northminster from another United Church congregation?  Please call the office to find out all of the details.

Please call the office to make arrangements.


For young persons who are interested in exploring their faith and confirming their baptism vows. Special Confirmation sessions will be hosted by the Christian Development Committee.